a kick drum

There are plenty of much simpler bass drum patches online that are suitable for more electronic-sounding music. Obiwannabe built a nice one that you can find here (it sounds especially great if you give it a little more spectral complexity with clipping and cosine waveshaping), and Hardoff's DIY-perk library here has a great kick if you want a more electronic sound. (My toms are in there too!)

This kick, however, was designed for more organic-sounding musical environments. It's based on my tom patches, but with lower formants, less high frequencies in the impulse (since the beater is covered with felt or whatever), and a final envelope to muffle the sustain.

Sound samples: ogg mp3

Because the frequency components of the noise impulse are different every time, the kick sound varies a bit in volume from hit to hit. That's acceptable for some pieces, but it makes this drum rather inappropriate for fast, hard-driving music. You might try automatically recording it to a buffer a bunch of times when a patch loads, and then sampling the loudest version(s). Or perhaps you could use env~ to determine the RMS volume and adjust the output volume accordingly.