a crash cymbal

Some of the other drums I've programmed are physical models. Cymbals, however, are pretty complicated, so this patch is more an attempt to replicate the sound without bothering with the mechanics.

Basically the sound this patch makes is a bunch of square waves ring-modulating each other (which is why it looks like spaghetti), fed through some EQ and envelopes. The innards of the patch are in a subpatcher, as there's oversampling going on. You can try turning off the oversampling if you want -- basically it sounds all right with aliasing, just a bit grittier. You can also try changing the frequencies of the square waves for different sounds, or playing with [vcf~] to change the frequency mix as the sound evolves. Unfortunately, the oversampling makes this patch kind of expensive. Maybe this is a situation where sampling is preferable to synthesis.

Sound samples: ogg mp3